Project:Tingira Street Boat Ramp Widening & Floating Walkway
Client:Department of Transport & Main Roads
Project Completion:June 2016


Koppens Developments were awarded the construction of Tingira Street Floating Walkway. The scope of work included a detailed design of floating walkway, the demolition of the existing stone pitched shoulder on the existing downstream boat ramp lane side, and the construction of the new floating walkway including, fabrication, supply and installation of RG4000 precast concrete boat ramp planks, floating walkway components, and grouted rock shoulders. Works were undertaken alongside the public access boat ramp and within waterways.


The scope of works required under the contract includes:

  • Site establishment and dis-establishment including Contractors camp.
  • Locate of existing services and liaison with service providers to protect them during the construction period if required.
  • Detailed design of floating walkway and supply RPEQ certified drawings and Design Report.
  • Demolish existing stone pitching shoulder on downstream boat ramp lane side.
  • Prepare subgrade to design levels and manage/ treat PASS/ ASS material.
  • Supply and placement of A39 geotextile in the subgrade of the work platform.
  • Preparation of base including supply and placement of geogrid.
  • Supply, placement and compaction of 75mm crushed rock for the work platform including encasement with the geogrid.
  • Construction of insitu reinforced concrete (ch0 to ch13) slab and anchor beam.
  • Fabrication, supply and placement of RG4000 precast concrete boat ramp planks.
  • Supply, fabricate and install floating walkway components, 3 x piles and abutment including lighting.
  • Construct grouted rock shoulders to new downstream lane.
  • Remove and relocate existing signage within footprint of widening area as directed on site including provision of new footings to match existing.
  • Clean up site.
  • Compilation of As Constructed data.