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Inspection, planning and design

Inspection, planning and design

Our qualified team members will conduct inspection on a potential project and apply their knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible outcome for any project. By keeping these procedures in house, Koppens is able to implement full control throughout the project. This includes Traffic control to uphold a safe work environment for the both the workers and motorists.

Material supply

Along with installing materials to complete a project, Koppens will also supply the correct material to ensure a quality outcome. Our machinery is more than capable to transport multiple types of material and in a timely manner.

Material Supply

Application of Primer

Application of Primer

To ensure cohesion between the underlaying base/subbase material and the overlying layers, Koppens applies a Primer on any unbound or lightly bound base.

Load, spread and roll aggregate cover

Koppens is able to cater to every step of the civil bitumen process.

  • Uses our up-to-date machinery, we are able to load the aggregate cover material
  • Operating our well-maintained spreader trucks, we can apply the aggregate cover.
  • Stocked with multi rollers, Koppens can ensure the appropriate machinery is used to roll the aggregate cover.

Load, Spread and roll aggregate

Supply and addition of adhesion agent

Supply and addition of adhesion agent

Koppens uses the best products to create a quality outcome. By using the adhesion agent, Koppens is able to successfully bond the aggregate and bitumen for a durable and safe result.

Kerbing and Channel

Kerbing and Channel are used for the following reasons and are offered by Koppen Bitumen:

  • To assist with drainage
  • To provide a boundary to landscaping treatments.
  • As a means to protect pedestrians.
  • Used to aid with delineation and channelisation of the traffic flows.
  • To improve the aesthetic values of the road alignment.
  • To reduce maintenance of shoulders.


All spray bitumen works including emulsions, prime, primer seal, PMB and crumbed rubber

Koppens owns and operates state of the art equipment and machinery. Koppen’s sprayer is no exception to the rule, with a very experienced and precise team, paired with a highly calibrated sprayer, the outcome to Koppens spray works is exceptional.


  • I have no reservations in recommending Koppen Construction for future Water Main Works.  Koppen Construction Demonstrated their ability to work unsupervised in most instances which in turn resulted in savings to the council

  • Koppen Construction have demonstrated throughout this project their ability and the desire to work with and alongside the community in the Torers Strait, thus enabling employment opportunities for the local residents. I have no hesitation in recommending Koppen Construction for any project which involves Local Participation or Local Indigenous Employment

  • Overall, Koppen Construction carried out the project with a high level of professionalism, completed the job on time and to budget and were willing to work with the Superintendent to achieve a high quality finished product

  • The Seawall Reconstruction consisted of in depth project management and programming to meet strict timelines set out by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.  Koppen Construction worked tirelessly on innovative techniques to ensure the wall was placed to industry best standards and contract specifications

  • The project included working adjacent to existing port stakeholders and environmentally sensitive areas.The Project delivery time frames required by the mine operator and PN were particularly onerous.  Koppen Construction maintained a positive working relationship with Ports North and completed the works within the timeframes required".  We found Koppen Construction to be competent and co-operative members of the project team

  • It is to be noted that this project involved risks which were mitigated by Koppen Construction through constant communication with myself and others working on the project, along with other control measures to ensure the safety of its staff, the public and existing infrastructure.  I can highly recommend Koppen Construction to your business as a reputable, experienced competent Contractor in Civil Construction